Timeshare opportunity

Hopefully you aren’t the sort of person that shows up to a family member’s wake and immediately starts extorting the value of timeshare apartments.

If you are, get a clue.

But if you aren’t, you realize there is an appropriate time and an appropriate place to market your product or service.

Appropriateness is dependent on your scale, but it is also dependent on your audience wanting to hear your message.

Appropriateness frames not only when we deliver our message but also the message that we deliver.

Just because you have a communications channel that can be used for marketing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be used for marketing, or marketing at this time.

You can find an appropriate time to sell your grieving aunt on a timeshare opportunity so that she has a place to get away and recover from her grief.

Doing it in front of the open casket is probably not the place though.

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