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Arse or ass?

Something I’ve noticed about “network marketing” books is that it is a lot of people who don’t know their arse from their elbow trying to educate people who cannot sell either one.

You cannot throwaway that which sticks

There’s two types of viral content.

Throwaway (which most of it is) and sticky (which most of it isn’t).

Throwaway content is “I liked that, I shared it” and the person moves on and forgets about it.

Sticky content is stuff that people keep coming back too, again and again.

Throwaway content is “amusing” or “odd” but it doesn’t speak to *ME* and my niche.

Sticky content addresses me, my wants, my desires, and indirectly encourages me to want to share it with my particular niche interests.

Throwaway is yesterday’s news.

Sticky is tomorrow’s story.

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